A favourite part of a wedding day…

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Planning weddings, as you can imagine gathers a lot of interest from friends, family and even strangers you have just met. Time and time again we get asked the question, “What is your favourite part of a wedding day?”

The honest answer would be, “The whole thing!” It’s really hard to group different parts of every wedding at Bolton School, simply because they are all unique; not one wedding is the same. It is a different couple getting married, a different guestlist, a different day and possibly a different year and for that matter you can not choose one part so easily.

But to break the meaning of that special day down, it’s a day which shows pure emotion. It sees family members catching up after not seeing each other in months! It sees adults ignoring each other’s company for the entertainment of children who are dancing and running around after one too many glasses of fizzy pop! Most importantly, it sees the celebration of a marriage.

Speaking to Alex, a  member of the team, he discusses which part of weddings really stick out to him the most:

“For me it has to be the ceremony. That’s where you really see the emotion, the smiles, the laughter and the tears.

The amount of times I’ve seen wedding guests walk into the Great Hall, and instantly look up at the ceiling is unbelievable. Who would believe such a place would exist, and in Bolton!

I’m a member of the team who’s lucky enough to coordinate the music for the ceremony, so I get to be right in the heart of atmosphere. This is the bit I love. Music is a powerful element to a wedding, and playing a song which is special to a couple getting married really gets me, and not just because it’s a song by Ed Sheeran! (I do like Ed)

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve become a little misty eyed in a wedding ceremony. I’ve seen a grown man brought to tears at the front of the aisle, in front of all his family and friends, barely being able to look up at his bride because she looks so amazing. This for myself, really brings it all together; the reason why everybody has taken the time out of their busy lives to come and witness a marriage at the venue.

I can’t be the only person at Bolton School who’s become a little teary eyed at a wedding?”

Whilst Alex’s last question is yet to be answered, it’s true that weddings do have this effect on people, all for different reasons. But, clearly there are different parts of the day which mean different things to different people. We will leave the question with you…

“What is going to be your favourite part of the day?”