Memorial Staircase Bolton School

‘The Last Tango in Halifax’ – Fan Visit

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Bolton School is famous for it’s history, amazing architecture, and of course filming! 

Over many years Bolton School and it’s surroundings have featured in a few television dramas such as ‘Our Girl’ featuring Michelle Keegan, ‘Cold Feet’ featuring James Nesbitt, and of course ‘The Last Tango in Halifax’ featuring Sarah Lancashire.

Back in April this year, an enquiry came through in regards to viewing the venue which hosted the ‘Last Tango in Halifax’. As enquiries are usually to see the venue for the purpose of planning a wedding or event, this one came as quite surprise! However, the lady who had enquired was travelling all the way from America, and we thought that to make her trip perfect, we would be delighted to accept her request.

Rita was travelling all the way from Alabama in the United States, along with 4 other ladies – 2 American ladies and 3 Australian ladies who were all huge fans of the television series. Once the confirmation of their appointment was received, It was quite clear to see their excitement about seeing the venue!

From left to right: Rita from Alabama, Marci from New Jersey & Issy from Darwin Australia

We were so happy we could complete the ladies trips to the UK, and make there dreams of seeing where the Last Tango in Halifax was filmed! Ladies, it was lovely to meet you all, we hope you have a fantastic time in the UK and have safe trips back home!