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As we are approaching the end of another brilliant summer season, we like to take a look back at all of the fantastic weddings and events which have taken place using Instagram.

Capturing special moments are an important aspect of a couples’ wedding day, and there are no other better people than photographers and videographers! We love to view the photos they share on Instagram, which allow us to see all the intricate parts which make up that very special day!

Whilst we know that photographers love to share those moments, it’s quite clear to see on Instagram they are not the only people doing so!

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So, if we could ask only one favour of all the guests who attend weddings at Bolton School, it would be keep sharing those moments with us!

If you, or anyone you know have some amazing photos you have to share of yourselves and some friends at a wedding here, please post it and use the hashtag
And tag us in at @boltonschoolweddingsandevents
We cant wait to see them!

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